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Chiropractic & Kids

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Chiropractic care for kids?
But of course!
Going to a chiropractor can be as beneficial for kids as it is for their parents. In fact, the results of a recent study consisting of 881 children showed that the quality of life for kids improved when they received chiropractic care. Scores measuring physical functioning and peer relationships increased, and scores measuring fatigue, anxiety, and disruptive pain decreased.
This study is welcome news, because let’s face it: life as a kid can be stressful.
First, there are the physical stressors-injuries from playing sports, wearing backpacks, and falling on the playground. Kids can even get “tech neck” from using cell phones and playing video games.
Then, there are the emotional stressors, caused by problems at school or home.
And finally, there are even chemical stressors, in the form of processed food or drink . . . or unhealthy substances floating around in the environment.
Fortunately, kids are resilient and handle these stressors pretty well. But when too much stress flows through their bodies, tension is held within the spine and nervous system which can trigger defensive physiology and cause misalignments of the vertebrae.
These misalignments distort the brain/body communication throughout the nervous system, disrupting the body’s ability to heal…
And this overload of stress can alter the ability to express oneself, which may cause kids to interact with others differently.
The good news?
Chiropractic adjustments can correct misaligned vertebrae, restore nerve health, and activate the restful part of the nervous system.
All these things will bring your child’s body and mind into a state of ease.
When kids are able to move out of defensive mode, they change from “surviving” to “thriving.”
Their health, problem-solving, relationships, and behavior generally improve. . .
And with a clearer connection between the brain and body, many children experience improvements in athletics and health for years to come.
Rest assured, these chiropractic adjustments are safe for kids of all ages. After assessing the spine, the chiropractor will perform a gentle, specific adjustment, either by using his or her hands, or a small tool.
Even better, these adjustments increase the adaptability and function of your child’s nervous system-the control center of the body-they’ll help other systems in the body work better, too.
It happens before you know it.
Your child’s handprint gets higher and higher every day.
He learns how to perceive and process the world.
She finds her voice and becomes one-of-a-kind.
If you want to help your kids reach their full potential-and lead a life of health, wellness and vitality-make an appointment with a chiropractor today.
You’ll be glad you did.

Study Citation:
Alcantara Joel, Lamont Andrea E., Ohm Jeanne, Alcantara Junjoe. (Dec 2017). The Quality of Life of Children Under Chiropractic Care Using PROMIS-25: Results from a Practice Based Research Network. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic

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(Upbeat music in and up.)
Joyful. Life-affirming. Awe-inspiring.
For many women, bringing a baby into the world can be a wonderful source of love, strength, and connection.
(Music fading out.)
But for some expectant moms, the thought of childbirth gives rise to worry and fear, rather than those uplifting feelings of vitality, empowerment and trust in the body.
(Music out.)
Indeed, our culture tends to emphasize birth as a dangerous and painful event, the occasion for a cascade of medical interventions.
But why all the worry? And why all the interventions?
(Pause a beat.)
The number one reason is dystocia, which is when labor becomes delayed or difficult-or when labor is slow to progress.
(Pause a beat.)
A major cause of dystocia is tension held in the spine, pelvis, and nervous system due to physical, chemical, or emotional stress such as a sedentary lifestyle, past trauma and fears.
Over a lifetime, these stressful events can create misalignment and tightness in the pelvis, making it hard for baby to get into the best position for birth.
In addition, fear and stress hormones can stop, slow down, or delay the onset of labor . . . and even increase pain when blood flows away from the uterus and to the large muscles used to fight or flee the stress.
(Pause one beat.)
So, what can you do to help make labor . . . less laborious?
(Pause another beat.)
Well, you can choose to add a chiropractor to your birth team, early in your pregnancy.
Chiropractic adjustments, including the Webster technique, have many benefits for expectant moms. Not only do they correct misalignments of the pelvis and spine, but they also activate the parasympathetic or restful part of the nervous system.
Once your spine is adjusted, your nervous system will enter a state of balance, making it more relaxed and more resilient to stress. Even better, this tension-free environment will be ideal for your little one’s growth and development.
In addition, chiropractic adjustments improve the overall function of the nervous system, which will strengthen how your entire body works . . .
And they balance important muscles and ligaments, which allows baby to get in the best possible position for birth, significantly lowering dystocia.
All this, in turn, can decrease the need for medical interventions, and prepare your body for the powerful yet exhilarating experience of giving birth.
It’s no wonder that many doulas, midwives, and a growing number of obstetricians recommend that their patients see a chiropractor during pregnancy.
(Upbeat music in and up. Play for three to five seconds to signal transition to the video ending.)
Freedom. Mobility. Flexibility.
Flow. Health. Vitality.
Joy. Comfort. Connection.
Yes, you can make all these things possible, while increasing the potential for a faster, easier, and safer labor and delivery.
Just be sure to choose chiropractic care for your pregnancy.

Babies & Chiropractic

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First smiles. First giggles. First words.
Discovering hands and feet. Seeing a reflection in a mirror. Finding a shadow in sunshine.
Sitting up. Falling down. Taking those wobbly first steps.
So goes the first year of baby’s life, filled with awe-inspiring milestones for families to celebrate.
It’s a time of growth, development, and learning . . .
And a time of heartfelt pride and joy for new Moms and Dads, as they watch their little one make one new discovery after the other.
But for some babies, the first year can also be challenging.
Because of a difficult birth or other stressors, baby can have misalignments of the vertebrae or cranium. These misalignments can change the tone of the nervous system and cause baby’s body to enter fight or flight mode, where it becomes less adaptable.
Indeed, baby’s little body simply won’t function at its best-and this can exacerbate, or lead to, difficulties such as ear infections, reflux, colic, poor sleep, respiratory issues, nursing problems, and immune system dysfunction.
It can also lead to delayed, missed, or altered milestones, such as crawling differently or going directly from scooting to walking. Left unaddressed, baby’s brain development and learning may be affected.
Naturally, all this can be hard for families who want only the best for baby.
Thankfully, there is a solution: chiropractic care.
Chiropractic adjustments don’t treat baby’s symptoms, rather, they remove the irritation to the nervous system from cranial and spinal misalignments, allowing the body to work better.
For example, proper alignment will help baby’s gastrointestinal and immune systems improve, as well as help respiratory muscles relax and eustachian tubes drain correctly.

Adjustments also activate the restful part of the nervous system, so baby can continue to grow and develop without undue stress.
Indeed, baby’s body is brought into a state of balance, where it will function and adapt better, often resulting in an improvement of baby’s symptoms.
But how do these cranial and spinal misalignments happen in the first place?
The number one cause by far is the birth process, when 20 to 40 pounds of force is exerted, and baby is pushed, pulled, and squeezed into the world through either a vaginal birth or a C-section.
Misalignments can also occur from tumbles and falls as baby acquires new skills-or when stressful situations arise, such being separated from Mom and Dad for the first time.
That’s why it’s so important to have baby checked by a chiropractor soon after birth, and to continue care throughout the first year of life, when 65% of all neurological development happens, and the spine grows by 50%.
And rest assured, chiropractic adjustments for babies are extremely safe and gentle. In fact, the amount of pressure used to adjust a baby is the same amount of pressure you’d use to press your eyelid or check the ripeness of a tomato.
Even better, once babies are familiar with the environment, they tend to find these adjustments soothing and relaxing.
It’s never too early.
A little adjustment can make a big difference in baby’s life.
Chiropractic care is safe, gentle, and effective. . . will help baby’s nervous system to function at its best . . . and will establish a foundation of good health for years to come.
What better gift could you give your little loved one?

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